About Dr. Kunal Narang, DDS

Kunal Narang, DDS is an internationally-trained and highly-specialized endodontist who serves patients at Sunrise Dental of Redmond, Washington. Less than 3% of all dentists have completed the extended training necessary to qualify as an endodontist, who focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing procedures relating to the interior of the tooth, such as root canal treatment. Whereas regular dentists might remove a diseased tooth, Dr. Narang can recommend a strategy to save it.

With over a decade of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Narang is skilled in many procedures, including root canal therapy, surgical extractions, and dental implants. He received his Doctorate of Dental Sciences from the University of California San Francisco — and met his wife, Megha Anand, a Seattle-area orthodontist. They are active in the community and just recently had their first child.

Dr. Narang is a committed professional who enjoys interacting with his patients and helping them, whether they’re visiting for a routine cleaning or are having a complex root canal treatment. Along with the rest of the team at Sunrise Dental, he believes in providing the very highest standard of individual care for his patients from the moment they step into his office.

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“No question about it, our team is the reason for our success. They will greet you with a smile, put you at ease, make you laugh, and most importantly, provide you with the best care possible. Their enthusiasm is contagious.”

— Dr. Kunal Narang, DDS

“My whole family goes to Sunrise dental and we are so happy we found this place. Everyone is so friendly and profesional.”


“Dr. Kunal and his staff go above and beyond to make sure every time you come in for your visit you are met with the highest level of service.”


“Meticulous attention to detail, consistent professionalism
and refined customer service combine for the most rewarding
dental experience imaginable.”


“He is very professional doctor who gives patient the first priority.
The dental treatment here is a very smooth experience
and always very comforting.”


“They are amazing team and exceptional group of people who take the best care of your oral hygiene without gimmicks!”


“I’ve been seeing him for almost three years now, and I’d recommend him and the entirety of his staff to anyone.”


“They’ve impressed me every time I’ve gone in, and they will impress you too. There really shouldn’t be any other choice for you.”


Dr. Kunal Narang, DDS