About Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges correct the flaws in your smile caused by missing or damaged teeth.

Dr. Kunal Narang, DDS is an internationally-trained and highly-qualified endodontist providing dental crown and bridge services to patients at Sunrise Dental of Redmond. If you’re in the greater Seattle area and are looking for a permanent restoration option for diseased or lost teeth, call our office or book an appointment online today.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns and bridges have been used by dentists for many years to solve the aesthetic and structural problems caused by missing or broken teeth. A dental crown is a specially made cap placed over a worn, damaged, or discolored tooth. It can replace a broken tooth altogether, or it can prevent an already cracked or decayed tooth from falling apart. Once in position, it looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Crowns are usually made from color-matched porcelain for aesthetic reasons, but this can chip or break off. Stainless steel or another metal such as gold is more durable and can be used for less visible molars. Dr. Narang advises his patients on which material best suits their needs.

What is a Dental Bridge?

If there is a gap in your teeth where you’ve lost a tooth, a dental bridge can be used to fill the space. A bridge normally consists of crowns on the teeth on both sides of the gap with a false tooth in between that occupies the space. A bridge is usually made from porcelain fused to metal or ceramics. As well as restoring your smile, a dental bridge preserves the overall structure of your face, preventing unsightly hollows in your cheeks as well as ensuring you can chew and speak properly.

How are Dental Crowns and Bridges Made and Installed?

Dr. Narang begins by recontouring the teeth that will receive crowns so there’s room for the new fixture. Then, he makes impressions of your teeth and sends the mold off to the dental lab where the crowns and/or bridge are custom made.

On your next visit, the new bridge or crown is adjusted for fit and cemented into place. It should look and feel natural and match your existing bite. Dr. Narang will monitor the fit and comfort levels of the new fixture over multiple visits.

How Do You Maintain a Dental Crown or Bridge?

If you have a good oral hygiene routine and go for regular checkups with your dentist, your bridge and crowns should last many years. As your new bridge or crown is supported by your existing teeth and gums, it’s important to keep them as clean and healthy as possible by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. If you stick to a regular checkup and cleaning schedule — once every six months — Dr. Narang can identify and deal with any problems at an early stage.

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