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Serious pain or injury to the teeth or gums needs to be treated as soon as possible by a medical professional and may even necessitate a trip to the emergency room. Dr. Kunal Narang handles all kinds of dental emergencies at Sunrise Dental of Redmond, Washington. If you’re one of our existing patients or are seeking emergency dental care in the greater Seattle area, please contact our office by phone to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.

Dental Emergencies Q & A

What is a Dental Emergency?

Any problem in your mouth or jaw area that results in severe pain or ongoing bleeding is considered a dental emergency, as is any situation where immediate treatment is required to save a tooth. Any abscess or mouth infection that develops rapidly should also be dealt with by a medical professional as soon as possible. If you ignore a serious dental problem, you risk permanent damage and increase the likelihood of expensive treatment being required at a later date.

How Should I Handle a Dental Emergency?

  • If you believe your situation may be life-threatening, and you cannot wait for treatment, call 9-1-1 or contact your nearest hospital emergency room for admission
  • If you are an existing patient of Sunrise Dental, please call our office directly
  • If you’re a new patient, please contact us and we will schedule you during regular working hours

What Should I Do if I Knock Out a Permanent Tooth?

Remember that teeth are living structures and need to be handled with care. Find the dislodged tooth and pick it up by the tough crown, not the sensitive root. Rinse it gently with warm (not hot or cold) water but don’t handle it unnecessarily. If you can, replace it in its socket, and bite down on clean gauze or cloth to keep it in position. Keep your mouth closed for as long as possible.

If you can’t re-insert the tooth, transport it in a cup of milk or water. This prevents the tooth and any other dental anatomy from drying out. It’s vital to see a dentist immediately — the quicker you get to the office, the more likely you are to save the tooth.

What Should I Do if I Break or Crack a Tooth or a Filling Falls Out?

Human teeth are extremely durable, but they can become brittle or damaged through age, disease, and trauma. Occasionally, they crack or break, or a filling falls out, leaving the interior of the tooth or the nerve beneath exposed. If this happens, you should rinse your mouth with warm salt water and spit out the contents to make sure that you don’t swallow any tooth or filling materials. If you can find any tooth fragments, save them. If there is any swelling, apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Narang as soon as possible, and avoid crunchy or spicy foods — ideally, stick to soft foods and soup — until you’ve received treatment.

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