Dental Implants

If you’ve lost or damaged a tooth, dental implants can restore your smile and self-confidence.

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About Dental Implants

Dr. Kunal Narang, a dental implant specialist, 
has many years of experience replacing his patients’ teeth at Sunrise Dental of Redmond.

Dr. Narang can advise you on how a durable, long-lasting dental implant improves your oral health, appearance, and speech, and makes eating easier.

If you have questions about Dental Implants, or are afraid of the process, please call our office or make an appointment online today and we’ll discuss your options.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are fixed into your jaw. Once the gum and bone tissues heal around them, a process that takes three to six months, they support replacement teeth. They fuse securely to your jawbone and, unlike conventional dentures, won’t shift, slip, or cause sore spots — or any kind of embarrassment. Implants are ideal for replacing a single lost tooth, as they don’t require any adjustments in the surrounding teeth. They can also be used to support two or more replacement teeth mounted on a bridge.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you maintain a good oral hygiene routine, your dental implants can last a lifetime. They require exactly the same care as real teeth — twice daily brushing, flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist.

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants require healthy gums and adequate bone for support. If your bone isn’t thick or strong enough, you may need a bone graft to provide a solid base for the implant. You also need to consider the bone height in your upper jaw, and the space between your jaw and your sinuses — if this is too small you may need a sinus lift. After a thorough evaluation of your jaw and the circumstances of your tooth loss, Dr. Narang makes recommendations and may consult with other medical professionals, on an individual basis.

Certain other conditions, such as smoking, having diabetes or heart disease, or having a history of radiation therapy to the area, may have an effect on the likely success of dental implants. Your case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Is Getting Dental Implants Painful?

When Dr. Narang performs the initial implant insertion, you will be given an anesthetic, and the procedure is no more painful than a regular tooth extraction. There may be some mild soreness during the healing process, but this can easily be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. The replacement teeth affixed to the implant are designed to look, function, and feel like your natural teeth, so there should be no discomfort after the procedure is complete.

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