About Family Dentistry

Children have very different dentistry needs than adults, and they need to build a relationship with a properly qualified dentist as they grow and their teeth develop.

Dr. Kunal Narang ensures that his office at Sunrise Dental of Redmond is a welcoming place for children and their parents. He is also a highly-qualified and experienced endodontist who can provide all the dental services a family needs.

If you’re in the greater Seattle area and searching for a family dentist to look after your children’s teeth, please call our office or make an appointment online.

What is Family Dentistry?

You should encourage your children to enjoy their visits to the dentist and build good oral hygiene habits. Healthy teeth can last a lifetime, but require a lifelong commitment to regular dental care. However, a single bad experience at a dentist’s office can affect a child, and make them reluctant to seek dental treatment in later life.

Dr. Narang and his team at Sunrise Dental offer a warm and friendly environment for their smaller patients and enjoy encouraging children to maintain excellent oral health. This means regular six-month checkups so that Dr. Narang can identify and fill cavities early on, as well as check for proper tooth development and bite alignment. He takes a gentle approach so that children will always have positive feelings about their visits to a dentist’s office — as their adult teeth come in and for the rest of their lives.

At What Age Should Children Start Seeing a Dentist?

Although children will begin to lose their first set of teeth around the age of six or seven, it’s never too early to start encouraging good oral health habits, especially maintaining healthy gums to help their adult teeth grow strong and straight. Your child should start visiting a dentist within six months of their first tooth appearing, or at around one year old.

What are Children’s Special Dentistry Needs?

Proper dental care from the beginning helps prevent early childhood dental caries, an infectious disease that is becoming increasingly common in children and, as well as being painful, can have a long-term impact on growth and development. Dr. Narang offers cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as making nutritional and behavioral recommendations when needed, such as when pacifier use affects teeth.

Are There Special Dentistry Needs for Adolescents?

It’s much easier to care for regularly-spaced and properly-aligned teeth, so Dr. Narang is dedicated to making sure this is what younger patients grow up with. An even, white smile can be a major boost to a teenager’s fragile self-confidence, too.

Dr. Narang enjoys working with his adolescent patients through what can be a very difficult time. As they continue to grow, adolescents may need orthodontic adjustment to their bite, or replacements for lost teeth. Dr. Narang explains the long-term benefits of procedures that may seem unsightly or uncomfortable in the short term and keeps a close eye on progress.

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